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Ads on this site

A third party ad distribution service is employed by this site.
As these kinds of ad distribution operators display adverts for products and services geared towards user interests, they make use of “cookies”, small files which contain information related to the user's access of this and other sites. (Names, addresses, email addresses, and telephone numbers are not included).


Access analysis tools in use by this site

This site uses Google's “Google Analytics” access analyzer.
Google Analytics uses Cookies to collect traffic data.
This traffic data is anonymously collected and can not be used to identify individual users.
This collection of traffic data can be prevented by disabling Cookies in your browser settings.


Contributions to the site

In order to enable us respond to spamming and trolling, this site records IP addresses used at time of posting.
Recorded IP addresses will not be used for anything other than responding to instances of spamming or trolling behavior.
Furthermore, posts that include content as noted in the following list of items may be unapproved and/or deleted at the discretion of the administrator.

  • Slander or defamatory remarks made against corporations or specific individuals.
  • Posts containing extremely obscene content.
  • Discussions involving the request of items and activities forbidden by law, or the mediation of same, for example attempting to trade in contraband or making requests of someone to cause bodily injury to another, etcetera.
  • Other items that are contrary to public order and morality and which the administrators knows should not be approved.