“Behave like a genuine villager.” The below listed behavior is considered rude and is unacceptable.

  • Revealing the identity of the person behind a character. (We do not need to know players' true identities.)
  • Requesting specific roles (Roles are distributed randomly. You must accept what is given.)
  • Making judgments based on previous games. (Please forget the circumstances of previous games and approach each new game with a fresh mindset.)
  • Declaring yourself to be a new player.
  • Speaking about previous game incarnations. (We understand you may want to talk about this, but please take this information with you to the grave.)

So-called “illegal activity” is strictly forbidden.

  • DM communication between players with roles other than that of werewolves (please also refrain from discussing the game in the real world).

Let's all display good manners and enjoy the game of Werewolf!

  • Very important in relation to Update Time! If you think you will be unable to participate in the game at this time, please do your best to make this known in advance. The administrator will adjust the Update Time where possible.
    On occasions when this proves difficult, at the very least please submit your vote in advance. Character's lives depend on it.

Players who exhibit extremely bad manners should be reported.

  • Acting to secure victory for the werewolves after being cast in the role of a villager and/or making defamatory remarks are considered serious offences. Instances of these can be reported via the player screen.
    If the same player is reported by three or more participants in the same town, that player's evaluation rating will be dropped by five points.
    However, as evaluation ratings decrease automatically in the case of Sudden Death, please do not file reports based on other concerns.