Administrator's Manual

- Preparations prior to starting.

  • The person who creates the village is automatically that town's administrator.
  • At least 5 players up to a maximum of 16 players are required to conduct a game.
  • Administrators are free to participate in the game as players. In the event they do not, however, the role and true identities of the other participants shall not be revealed until the end of the game.
  • Log in with your Google account, complete the below listed fields, and create a village.
    (Upon creating a village, your evaluation rating will rise by 2 points.)
    [Title] The campaign name for this game of Werewolf.
    [Village name] The name of the village to be used in this campaign.
    [Description]The description of the game that will appear on the home page. Local game rules should also be displayed here. (Example: Werewolf campaign created by XXX)
    [Access code required to join game] Check this if you wish to control who can participate in the game. Locate the access code on the management page and send it to the players you wish to invite.
    [Set the minimum evalution rating required for participation] Evaluation ratings will decrease in the event of Sudden Death being applied due to players not voting, etcetera.
    [Character voting]Following the outcome of the game, participants can vote for who they think was the best character.
    [Game Start Time] The desired start time for the game can be set here.
    The game will automatically start at this time. However, in the event that the game can not automatically start due to an insufficient number of participants, administrators needs to set a new start time.
    [Default Update Interval]The required duration for the in-game day can be set here. (Days can be anything from 15 minutes to 24 hours.)
    [Next Update Time] Set the time for the first Update following the start of the game here.
    [Subsequent Update Time]The subsequent Update Time can be set here.
    [Next Subsequent Update Time]The next subsequent Update Time can be set here.
    * Update time or Start Time that displayed are automatically converted to player's local time zone.
  • Publicize the game's URL and recruit participants. If an access code has been set, share it with the relevant individuals via mail or otherwise.
  • As roles are automatically allocated by the system and issued via DM, there is essentially no requirement for the administrator to do anything.
  • Before starting the game, it should be confirmed that the chosen “Update Times” suit all participants. Times can be adjusted as necessary.
  • A list of all villages created in the past week is displayed at the top page.
    In the event that not enough players are available to start the game, the launch time can be changed.

The “Update Time” is key to the game's progression. All participants must ensure they are available to participate in the game both before and after each update.

- Management page

  • Once the game has begun, items such as update time can be changed on the management page.

Flow of the game

Before voting deadline

  • Participants must decide on which character to vote for execution or which character to select for divination, based on consideration of the conclusions reached at the village meetings (discussions conducted on the timeline).
  • As a general rule, each individual is free to vote and use their special abilities as they see fit. (There is no obligation for players to act in accordance with decisions made by the village as a whole. The only objective is to secure victory for your camp.)
  • Each player must cast their vote on the voting page before the “Voting Deadline”, which is determined in-game.
  • Players can continue to submit comments up to five minutes prior to the “Voting Deadline”. After this, commenting will be disabled until the results of the update have been announced.

The last night

  • The last night occurs when victory or defeat is achieved as a result of executions or attacks.

Character voting

  • The first and second best characters can be voted on. (This has no relation to a user's evaluation rating.)