How to play

Playing as a Werewolf.

If you are chosen to play as a werewolf you will have access to a timeline that enables you to communicate with the other werewolf players in the game.
With this timeline you can interact with fellow werewolves and discuss things such as which character to attack.
Should your character be killed, you will no longer be able to write to this timeline.
The best fun can be had by engaging with your opponents in such a way as to prevent them discovering your identity.
These exchanges will be made available to view at the end of the game.


This is a game event that is carried out at the “Update Time” decided upon before the game begins.
This is the most important aspect of the game, as a number of things are decided based on the information you already hold and the information learned at village meetings.
Consequently, as the information utilized during updates will determine things such as which character dies, which character's true identity can be discovered, etcetera, the events that occur during updates have a huge impact on how the game progresses and how the tide of battle turns.

- Update sequence of events


Players make the required decisions relevant to their role and submit their votes on the voting page. The decisions that must be made by each role are as follows.
[All characters] Vote for the character to be executed.

[Seer] Votes for the character to be executed and selects a target for divination.

[Knight] Votes for the character to be executed and selects a character to protect in the event of a werewolf attack.

[Werewolf] Votes for the character to be executed and selects a character to attack (regarding the latter, all players taking the role of werewolf must agree on a single target).

  • All voting must be completed by the “Voting Deadline”.
  • Be aware that if voting is not completed by voting deadline, “Sudden Death” will be applied.
  • Voting can be carried out any time within the 24 hours prior to “Update Time”. Changes to cast votes can also be made during this time.
  • The target selected for werewolf attack will be the character that is voted for last (or the character identified by the final vote change before Update Time).
  • In the event of multiple targets selected for execution receiving the same number of votes, the final target will be randomly determined by way of a lottery.

- Receiving the results of Divination/Psychic Determination

Seers and psychics will be notified of results in a mail from the GM. The only information that will be received is whether or not the selected target is “werewolf” or “human”. Character's abilities can not be determined.
Seers and psychics can decide for themselves when and how to disclose the information received. Other players are also free to release information under the pretense that they are seers or psychics.