About Werewolf Online X

In the game Werewolf, players are divided into two camps, the werewolf camp and the human camp, with the aim of the game being to lead your camp to victory.

The story begins with a group of man-eating werewolves arriving at a certain village.
he werewolves attack and devour one person per night, but as they are disguised as human during the day, their true identities are unknown.
As a result, the inhabitants of the village must speak amongst each other to identify possible suspects. Each day, a person thought to be a werewolf is executed in an attempt to liberate the village.

Under this set-up, players take on the role of certain characters and endeavor to be victorious by engaging in discussions with the other players.
The challenge for the villagers lies in working out who the werewolves are.
The challenge for the werewolves is in finding ways to deceive the villagers so as to keep their identity a secret and survive.
Players employ tactics during “conversations” to reveal limited information as they attempt to achieve their objective.


[How to win]

Villagers: Expose and exterminate all hidden werewolves.
Werewolves: Whittle down the number of villagers until they are outnumbered.

*Although madmen are on the side of the werewolves, they are counted as human when it comes to determining the outcome of a game.
More information regarding madmen can be found in a later section.



At the start of each game, you will be notified of your role by the Game Moderator.
Your role will not be revealed to the other players.
However, players chosen to play as werewolves will be told who the other werewolves are, so that they may recognize one another.
It will be announced on Day One how many characters there are in each role.
Characters with special abilities are referred to as supernatural characters.
*Distribution of roles is randomly conducted by the Game Moderator.




Every night, prior to update, the player in the role of Seer can conduct divination on one other character. After updating, the Seer will be shown whether or not that character is a villager or a werewolf.
The Seer is unable to divine any role other than that of “werewolf” or “villager” (for example, hunter, madman, etcetera).
Seer's must have selected their target for divination prior to each day's update.
After the update, the results of divination will be sent to the Seer by the Game Moderator via DM.
The results of divination will still be presented even if the selected target is executed or killed.
However, if the Seer is killed, he will not be shown the results.


Psychics can psychically determine if executed characters were human or werewolf.
As characters killed by werewolves will be proven to have not been werewolves themselves, psychic determination is not required.
Psychics will not be able to determine any role other than that of “werewolf” or “villager” (for example, knight, madman, etcetera).
If the psychic himself is killed, he will not be given the results of psychic determination.
After update, the results of psychic determination will be sent to the psychic by the Game Moderator via DM.


Every night, prior to update, players playing the role of knight can select a character to protect from a werewolf attack.
If a werewolf attacks a character under the protection of a knight, the attack will fail.
However, bodyguards can not choose to protect themselves.
In the event of the knight being executed, the character who was supposed to be defended by that knight will have no protection in the event of a werewolf attack.
The knight must have selected their target for protection prior to each day's update.
The success or failure of protection will not be made known.
In the event of no victim being discovered the following day, the text “There don't appear to be any victims today. The werewolves' latest attack may have been unsuccessful.” will be displayed.


Ordinary humans with no special abilities.
Villages contain a number of villagers. (The exact number will be announced at the start of the game).




Every night, prior to update, players cast in the role of werewolf can choose one character (including madmen) to attack and devour.
If the character selected is under the protection of a knight, the attack will fail.
As players playing as werewolves are aware of each other, they can discuss the target choice and plan of attack in a separate screen.
Though madmen can not attack werewolves, werewolves can attack them.
Werewolves will not know who the madmen are.
The werewolves must have selected their target for attack prior to the day's update. If the attack is successful, the text “XXX was found in an horrific state” will be displayed by the GM following update.
As only one character can be attacked each night, all players cast in the role of werewolf must agree upon the choice of target.
(In the event of multiple targets being selected, the most recent selection will be chosen.)
The number of werewolves will be announced at the start of each game.


The madman is a human character who is sympathetic to the werewolves.
He does not have any special abilities, but because he wins if the werewolves win, he will attempt to lie to and deceive supernatural characters to give the werewolves an advantage.
As he is not a werewolf, psychics and seers will only perceive him as human.
He does not know who the werewolves are, and he can not communicate with them in any way.
The madman is also tasked with discovering the identity of the werewolves.
In addition, he will be counted as human when determining the outcome of a game.


-Deceased characters

Regardless of which of the above roles a character is given, once the character is executed or attacked and killed by a werewolf he becomes a resident of the graveyard and can no longer be seen by the surviving characters.
Although deceased characters can still add to and view the ongoing timeline, what they write can only be viewed by other deceased characters.

*When a werewolf is killed, it can no longer communicate with the surviving werewolves.
As deceased characters can continue to read the comments made by surviving characters, they can continue their deliberations in the graveyard.
Although to what extent spoilers are leaked depends on those in the graveyard, it is fair to assume that deceased werewolf characters will not reveal the identity of the surviving werewolf characters.

About the game system

The Werewolf Online X system is developed and operated by Landing Apps.
The Server utilizes the Google App Engine.
Although the system may be used freely, limitations on usage may be enforced in the event of heavy traffic.
Opinions and feedback can be sent to support at landingapps.com.


Online werewolf pioneer the “Werewolf BBS” provided invaluable assistance during the creation of the game system.
We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to them.


Please be advised that we can not take responsibility for problems or malfunctions encountered while playing the game. Thank you for your understanding.